11 Jul 2012

Norwoods Restaurant

Norwoods Restaurant
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(Vancouver Island)
1714 Peninsula Road, Ucluelet
(250) 726-7001
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Claim to Fame
Fresh, local seafood, drinks, open concept.
Intimate but open setting, clean and modern interior, friendly staff, fresh menu.
Chocolate Brownie Torte
Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Chocolate Mousse

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World class food with a price tag.

Quick Picks
Oysters, wine, desserts.
Grilled Reserve Beef Fillet Medallion and Double Lamb Rack Chop
Morel Mushroom Sauce, Asparagus, Zucchini, Sarladaises Potatoes

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Around the corner in Ucluelet, this small establishment promised big flavours. My expectations were as murky as the restaurant's cloudy windows facing the street. Chef Richard Norwood greeted us at the door and guided our party to our seats amidst my oohs and aahs. The bright and open kitchen captured my attention before I turned to peruse the menu. My companions each ordered hefty meals, while I settled on an intriguing appetizer of local octopus and scallops. Our party marvelled some more at the efficient work of the sous chef in the kitchen and the robust herb garden blooming on the window sill.

Seared Baja Scallop and Grilled Local Octopus
Truffle Potato Puree, Sweet Ginger Chili Sauce, Leek Hay

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I made quick work of the two varieties of fresh local oysters that arrived with an assortment of sides, including one sour (White Mignonette), one with kick (Fresh Horseradish), and one with sweet tones (Tomato Compote). I tried each oyster plain and immediately favoured the larger, "brinier" one. My appetizer arrived as an entree with additional vegetables. I was disappointed with the grilled octopus which was a tougher chew than I liked, but enjoyed every bite of the plump scallops. My companion quickly demolished his lamb and beef entree, while my other companion raved with delight over his Dungeness Crab and Lemon Risotto. I capped our evening off with a classic combination of orange and dark chocolate.

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  1. Thanks for the review and the photos. I'm doing some research for good places to eat when my wife and I take a trip over to the island, and innovative restaurants in out-of-the-way villages like Ucluelet are always fun to find.